TDC Flange Forming Machine

TDC Flange Forming machine is the advanced technique in the world to manufacture square duct.It realizes standard,automation and mass production during producing rectangle flanges.
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  TDC flange forming machine is mainly composed of feeding frame, cold rolling forming main engine and cutting part. The cutting part can be divided into non-stop cutting and stop cutting system, non-stop cutting system can achieve fixed length cutting. Cut burr is small, it can achieve full automation production. Its working speed is 0-10 m/min.

TDC Flange Forming machine with non-stop cutting video:

TDC flange forming machine Video:

TDC forming with Silicone:

TDC flange forming machine detail:

Angle joint      Clip

Model Rolls shape Profile height Thickness(mm) Motor(kw) Weight(kg) Size(L.W.H)
A=20 0.6 3.0/2.2 2400 4900x800x1400
LC-25    A=25 0.8 3.0/2.2 2500 4900x800x1400
LC-30     A=30 1.0 3.0/2.2 2500 4900x800x1400
LC-35    A=35 1.0 4.0/2.2 3000 4900x800x1400
LC-40    A=40 1.2 4.0/2.2 3000 4900x800x1400

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