• Manufacture of fire dampers and smoke exhaust valves (ports)

    Manufacture of fire dampers and smoke exhaust valves (ports)

    Aug 15, 2023

    The fire damper is an important safety device in the air-conditioning system, and its fusing shut-off temperature is 70°C. When the fire damper is manufactured, the thickness of the shell steel plate should not be less than 2 mm to prevent the deformation of the shell from affecting the closure of the valve plate in a fire state. The movable parts such as valve bearings must be made of corrosion-resistant materials such as brass, bronze, stainless steel and galvanized steel, so as to avoid failure due to corrosion affecting the action of valve parts in the event of a fire. The fusible sheet of the fire damper is a key component and must be made of regular products instead of nylon rope or film. The inspection of the fusible sheet should be carried out in a water bath, and the allowable deviation between its melting point temperature and the design requirement is -2. The fusible strip is to be installed on the windward side of the valve plate. After the production is completed, an air leakage inspection should be done to ensure that the valve plate is tightly closed and can effectively isolate the air flow.

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  •  Reinforcement method of Air Duct

    Reinforcement method of Air Duct

    Jul 12, 2023

    Reinforcement method of Air Duct ⑴ Processing and reinforcement of shaped straight air ducts The length of circular straight air ducts is determined comprehensively according to the system processing and installation sketch considering the convenience of transportation and installation, standard specifications of plates, and material saving. Generally, it should not exceed 4m. The circular air duct itself has high strength, and the reinforcement of the air duct itself is generally no longer considered.When the diameter is greater than 700mm and the distance between flanges at both ends is large, a 25×4 flat steel reinforcement ring is added every 1.2m and fixed on the air duct with rivets. ⑵ Processing and reinforcement of rectangular air ducts The rectangular straight air ducts can be processed and manufactured after blanking;When the total length around the air duct is less than the standard width of the plate, that is, when the entire width of the steel plate is folded and formed, only one corner bite can be provided;When the width of the plate is less than the circumference of the air duct and greater than half of the circumference, two corner bites can be provided; when the circumference of the air duct is large, four corner bites can be provided at the four corners of the air duct.

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  • Bite forms

    Bite forms

    Mar 10, 2023

    Single flat seam: It is used for the splicing seam of the board and the longitudinal closing seam of the round air duct, as well as the seam of the product that does not require high tightness.Single vertical bite: used for the circular joints at the ends of round air ducts, such as circular elbows and circular back and forth bends between the joints of each pipe segment.Corner bite: used for longitudinal seams of rectangular air ducts and fittings, corner seams of rectangular pipes and tees.Combined corner bite: also called corner bite, the bite seam is on the corner of the rectangular pipe, and the purpose is the same as the corner bite. It is more suitable for the corner seam connection of curved rectangular pipes.Snap Seam: Corner closure seam for rectangular duct and fittings. One side of the plate is processed into a socket with a convex buckle, and the other side of the plate is processed into a socket with a barb shape on the folded edge. When installing, insert the socket into the socket to form a seam: this kind of bite It is characterized by tight bite and reliable operation.At present, most of the bites are machined.

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  • Connections for metal ducts

    Connections for metal ducts

    Feb 23, 2023

    There are three types of air ducts: bite, riveting and welding, among which the bite connection is the most common application. (The bite connection folds the two plate edges that need to be combined into various hook shapes that can bite each other. It is suitable for thin steel plates with a thickness of ≤1.2mm, stainless steel plates with a thickness of ≤1.0mm and aluminum plates with a thickness of ≤1.2mm.

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  • Some understanding of Air Duct Materials

    Some understanding of Air Duct Materials

    Feb 09, 2023

    1. Air duct materials can be divided into metal and non-metal; Metal air ducts are divided into steel air ducts (galvanized steel air ducts), aluminum air ducts and stainless steel air ducts wait; 2. Metal air ducts are widely used at present, and can be used as conveying air (air supply and exhaust), conveying smoke Gas, boiler flue and pneumatic conveying, etc.; 3. Galvanized steel air ducts are often used in comfort air conditioning systems; 4. Aluminum plate air ducts and stainless steel air ducts are mostly used in technological air-conditioning systems (purifying air-conditioning) and anti-static places with higher requirements. 5. Non-metallic air ducts are divided into phenolic aluminum foil composite air ducts, polyurethane composite air ducts, and glass fiber composite air ducts. Pipe, hydraulic inorganic glass steel air duct, magnesium oxychloride cement air duct, rigid polyvinyl chloride air duct, etc.

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  • LOCK Duct Line Export To Middle East

    LOCK Duct Line Export To Middle East

    Aug 27, 2022

    A full set of duct making machine to Middle East. Engineer installation in clients factory is available.

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