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Round angle iron forming and bending machine

Circle angle iron forming machine employs coil  to form angle iron flange then cut off the processed work pieces with pleasant appearance and accurate dimensions. The equipment has advantage of compact structure and easy operation.Angle iron punching machine can be matched with the angle iron forming machine to produce perfect circle angle iron.
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Circle angle iron flange forming machine and angle iron punching machine feature a touch screen and a PLC control system.The fame part is welded with high-strength steel,and the roller is made of CR12MOV,which is sturdy and durable.The oil pressure system is equipped with a low-frequency design of the pump motor to effectively reduce noise,thereby improving motor performance and life.

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Finished products:

Technical data of angle iron forming machine:

1.Processing speed:12M/MIN

2.Processing diameter: 200mm-2000mm

3.Raw material:Galvanized steel strip

4.Material thickness:1.5-3mm

5.Material width: 40mm-96mm

6.Forming stations:7 stations

7.Main engine motor: 7.5KW variable frequency drive motor

8.Cutting part:Cut with hydraulic mold


10.Weight: 2900kg

Main part of circle angle iron punching machine:

1.Beam servo motor

2.Hydraulic motor

3.Hydraulic valve


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