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How To Maintain Rolling Forming Machine

Dec 16,2020

In the use of mechanical equipment, there will inevitably be various failures. How to ensure the normal production of rolling forming machine,LOCK manufacturer reminds everyone to do a good job in the daily maintenance of equipment. Details of daily maintenance of cold rolling mill;

c shape cold rolling forming machine

1.Check whether the electrical system of rolling mill is normal before starting each shift;

2.Check whether the oil level of each fuel tank is normal;

3.Check whether the oil injection parts are filled with oil;

4.Check whether the base material feeding is reasonable;

5.Check whether the fastening of moving parts is loose and reasonable;

6. Check the electrical parts, and often clean up dust and sundries;

7. In the production process, it should not be used beyond the limit, so as not to cause damage to some mechanical parts of the equipment.

It should be rolled according to the rolling standard, so as to ensure the safe use of rolling mill equipment and the qualification of products.

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